• Product & Growth

    I help companies understand and optimize retention and acquisition across both product-based and paid channels. Then, together, we optimize these strategies based on collected user data​: testing, tracking and analysis.


    Specialties: Growth, Online Marketing (SEM/SEO/Social/Email), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Product Management, Customer Development, Product Design, e-commerce, Mobile Apps.

    Currently: Product and Growth Consultant at Startup Friendly


    Past: Growth Marketing Lead at LALALAB

  • Past Clients

    Digital Marketing, Branding

    Fretx enable anybody to start playing a song on a guitar.

    Growth, CRO, Content Creation

    Deux.io is a Growth Marketing agency working with startups.

    Growth, CRM

    Roadstr allows to rent a classic car for a few days between private individuals.

    Growth, UX Design

    Fleex helps people get better at English watching videos they love.

    Growth, UX Design

    Zelip helps customers, architects and decorators to find the right artisan for their custom-made project. 

  • Selected Work

    A collection of my own projects.

    Design, Social Media Marketing, Sales

    SallyPro is a survey tool which allows event organizers to know if their team treat well their VIP customers by gathering their feedback smoothly.

    Design, Marketing, Partnership

    Jobinfest is a new way for music festivals organizers to gather and manage their volunteers' applications on a same platform

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