• Revenue Growth Consultant

    I'm a former Growth & Product Lead at LALALAB. Back there, we doubled our revenue -seven to height figures- in less than a year.


    Today, I help eCommerce businesses to retain and convert more clients on their sites and apps. Unlike my competitors, I help you grow your revenue without spending a dime on acquisition.

  • What I do

    I help great companies grow through my expertise in analytics, retention, and conversion.


    Growth begins with understanding your company's KPIs and what drives them. I help you instrument your app or site to learn the most of it.


    I help you understand and improve upon the key events that lead to retained usage and increased LTV.


    I help you optimize user conversion across many different types of channels (UX, emailing, notifications).

  • Expertise and Skills

    Analytics & Data

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Growth Marketing

    User Research

    Referral Program

    Email Lifecycle

  • Clients

    I collaborate mostly with eCommerce companies in growth stage.

    When I was Growth lead,I help them doubling their revenue (seven figure) and launch dozens of growth experiments.
    I help Fleex to acquire more customers through growth tactics (private teachers targeting campaign, offline marketing).
    I help SocialShaker through a Growth Audit to understand what marketing channels was cost-effective and where there customer came from.
    I help Flatio to understand where there tenants and landlords were coming from and roadmapping the next steps to grow efficiently.
    I helped Roadstr acquiring collector car's owner and retaining them through a automatic and personalised onboarding.
    I help Gustave et Rosalie acquiring users by doing paid acquisition on Facebook and Adwords.
    I helped La petite attention to acquire customers thanks to paid channels.
    I'm involved in the Mangrove Revolution as a friend!
    I help Faber acquiring, converting and retaining their first 150 artisans and 500 clients.
    I help Prezly acquire users by doing CRO (+300% conversion visitor > lead)
    I help Prezly acquire users by doing CRO (+300% conversion visitor > lead)
    I help Prezly acquire users by doing CRO (+300% conversion visitor > lead)
  • Ilkaa Salo

    CEO @Trybe

    "Gabriel is not only an extremely insightful and driven product/growth expert, but also a personable character with an ability to challenge your own thinking.​"

    Anna Boloña Martinez

    CEO @Sheltair

    "Structured, clear, smart, resourceful and hands-on. He let our startup Sheltair with very good material to work with. ¡Thanks!"

    Jaime Tejeda

    CEO @FanOnFire

    "Gabriel had a unique approach to our problem solving patterns in terms of acquisition. He was able to put things into perspective with fascinating simplicity."

  • My Process to Grow your revenue

    Each step ensures that we are a good fit and builds trust before doing the big leap (e.g. contracting for the experimentation).

    1. Growth Audit

    We'll talk about your business and gather a maximum of data (qualitative and quantitative) to understand where we are.

    • We'll discover where the funnel is leaking.
    • We'll understand where your users come from and which channels is effective or not.
    • We'll understand what flow needs to be redesigned first.

    2. Roadmaping

    We will sit -2hours to half a day- to craft a Roadmap.

    We'll make sure that everyone is aligned and understood where's the business is losing money/users.

    3. Growth Strategy

    I'll craft a Growth Strategy thanks to the audit and the roadmap we made together.

    You'll find where to focus and what to do exactly (e.g what tactic to test first) in a prioritised backlog.

    4. Experimentation

    Let's begin to experiment!

    I'll handle test implementation with your team and manage each sprint.

    We will have a weekly meeting to discuss our results.

  • Presentations

    Discover my work, process and tactics.

  • They support me ❤️

    I help their startups on their product and growth issues by doing pro-bono consulting.

    The Family


  • Want to grow faster? Let's talk!

    Describe your project to get a quote! I respond as fast as the speed of light.

  • gabrielgourovitch@gmail.com